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 Post subject: Paying SigX Service - FAQ
PostPosted: Sun May 02, 2004 11:44 am 

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Q: What OS does SigX Support?
A: Currently we have clients for Windows (98-XP), Mac OSX and Linux and anything that can run Perl

Q: Is SigX Spyware/Adaware?
A: No.

Q: What media players does SigX Support?
A: Winamp 2-5, Windows Media Player, Foobar, iTunes (need addon), and a few more with plugins (depends on the SigX Client)

Q: Do I always have to run sigx to keep my generated image up to date?
A: Yes, you do. if you stop running the program after 20 minutes it will start showing the offline message set in your config (on the web page)

Q: How come when I change my background color on the config page, the image doesnÆt change?
A: Make sure your transparent setting is off, otherwise the background is transparent.

Q: How often does my image gets updated?
A: depends on the setting in the client

Q: What happens when I push pause on the program?
A: It stops updating

Q: It seems that I can modify your generated code to not include html link back to your page
A: its true that you can, but please donÆt, if you like the product please keep the generated copy paste code the way it is

Q: I see HTML and BBCode generated on the modify page... which one do I pick?
A: If you are dealing with forum, most likely you need the BBCode, if dealing with blogs and WebPages you probably want the HTML.

Q: What do I do if I get an error?
A: DonÆt panic, go to and find the forum to post in.

Q: I forgot my password, what do I do?
A: Go to:

Paid Service FAQ

Q: I have paid for SigX now what...
A: It should say for Account Status "Paid" and display your expire time. You will notice an extra text box in your modify page where you can type in your Ad Text.

Q: How soon is my account considered paid?
A: The payment transaction is instant and your account status will be paid. Please allow for 20 minutes if it doesnÆt say paid right after the transaction.

Q: I want to remove the ad text completely, what do I do?
A: type a space " " in the Ad Text field and hit update.

Q: What is the advantage for using Paid server Vs. Free?
A: the paid service allows you to change or remove the Ads from your SigX. And also there are other benefits like Remote SigX. Also (New features: Text alignment, additional variables, no image caching and more)

Q: It says free support for paying customers; does that mean if I am not a paying customer I canÆt get support?
A: No, itÆs just a reminder that our support is always free.

Q: I paid and my account still says Free.
A: Contact Yuriy [email protected] and explain your situation.

Q: What kind of payment methods do you guys accept?
A: Whatever payment method accepts.

Q: I live in a country which doesnÆt get paypal, what can I do?
A: Contact me, we'll work something out.

Q: I am a kid and have no money, is there anything I can do to get the SigX service?
A: Yes, if you contribute to SigX and if Yuriy feels you deserve a reward, you may get the service. You can also participate in the future Contests which rewards will most likely include the SigX Service.

Q: I am already a paid member, and I want to extend one more year, but my account didnÆt expire yet, should I wait till it expires?
A: No, once you pay, it will be added to your current expire time and no time will be lost.

Q: I paid with an echeck through paypal and its not saying that I paid?
A: Paypal usually has a 4 day waiting period for the check to clear, if its been more then that and it still says not FREE account type, email Yuriy.

Q: You didnÆt Answer my question, what do I do?
A: Send Yuriy an email ([email protected]) or a PM in the forum.




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